Port of Kunda - a port with two histories

Kunda may explicitly call itself a seaport town. The real history of Kunda-port dates back to the year of 1805 when the Russian tsar, Alexander I, granted by a written order a permit to establish, at the mouth of the Kunda River, a port which greatly expanded economic development in the whole region. Today's commercial Port of Kunda, re-opened as a greenfield project in 1994, thus starting the new history, is the most important regional sea-gate undertaking in the whole area. Approximately 600 ships call annually bringing in and taking out approx. 1,5 million tonnes of different goods. It has to be stressed that these goods do not pass Estonia as transit-cargo, but they emanate from our country or imported because of a lack of these things here. Thus the Port of Kunda serves local industries and helps the economy of Estonia to create added value.

A regional port, a personal approach and a fast service are the three key words for the Port of Kunda. In drawing up action plans, AS Kunda Nordic Tsement, as the owner of the Port of Kunda, has always relied on close co-operation with the customers of the port. The new history of the port may conditionally be divided into three stages: the first - the start up in 1994, the second - moderate expansion in 2000, and the third stage in the beginning of 2004, which, by several indicators, could be called a fundamental. The development of the port is a result of several factors: requests from customers for more extensive storage areas; new co-operation partners and commodity groups; positive prospects in growth of commodity exchange within the European Union. Based on the above-mentioned, a new Masterplan for the Port of Kunda was drawn up and adopted, according to which we gained the right to handle liquid cargo and also to expand the port-area eastwards.
A thorough study was carried out concerning commodity flows in relation to the construction of a Ro-Ro terminal, and creating a regular connection with the seaports in Scandinavia.

AS Kunda Nordic Tsement can proudly claim that the Port of Kunda is more and more fulfilling its social function, i.e. working as a development-motor of the region. Port was one of the 'magnets' attracting one of the biggest foreign investments ever landed in Estonia - construction a pulp-mill by Estonian Cell in Kunda, in the vicinity of the the cement plant.


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